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More vivid dreams for me, although I feel like I slept better than I did last night.

So in my dream, my brother was dating a girl with the same last name as my ex-boyfriend. He wore a bracelet with her name on it, and I asked him not to wear it around me because it brought back bad memories. And then the ex himself appeared in the dream, and I had to keep trying to stay away from him, even though he kept giving me presents. I really don’t like this guy, what a creep.
There was this whole musical number in the dream too. The guy I was really with played Jesus or an Angel or something pure and perfect in the dream. And we were in the CAA cafeteria, where my dad was feeding a whole lot of people. There was quite the debate about Matthew and Lisa getting to school on time, and a meeting with the music teacher I had to go to. A whole Victoria’s Secret store (not lingerie, clothes and makeup part of it) was set up in the back of the Cafe, and I found some things to buy, but no one was there to buy them from. We had to stay at the Cafe all night cleaning up after our dinner, and I kept asking for Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting because I’d seen some earlier and then it disappeared.

So many odd things all combined together! What a wacky head I have!

Maybe the zoloft is making my brain more active and that’s why the dreams are more vivid... very big posibility.


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