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participation positives: 070802

Its a wonderful Monday for being positive!!!!

  • The sun is shining!
  • I got so much accomplished this morning and dinner is ready to be put in the oven when I get home.
  • The week off actually made me feel less tired out by the end. And I’m not as sick as I was in the middle of the week which makes moving so much nicer!
  • I have a new client (my first big one!) and another one that I’m writing a quote for!
  • My new domain is so happy with all of the great compliments its gotten :giggle:
  • Eric is such a wonderful husband that I can’t help but be happy.
  • Music. Happy music is wonderful.
  • I just got an email with happy news of something free for me!
  • I have a few amazon gift certificates that I’m plotting wonderful things to buy with (but no tools like the last few days of Gold Boxes!!)
  • I’m getting a lot caught up on here at work.
  • I feel so loved by my friends online, and am so very lucky to have them! and bonus! I got to see pictures of many of them because of Christine ’s visit!
  • I’m back on anxiety pills, and they actually feel like they are working, and I have hope that one of the doctors whose names I found this week will work out for me.
  • i love and I am loved
  • its the start of a brand new week - how can that NOT be a good thing? smile
Thank you, Jess - I love being able to reflect like this every week. Its really a truly wonderful part of my mondays!


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it finally clicked that this and Love productions were the same. Sily goose I am . The site looks oncredible!!!

oh good lord! I should really check my spelling before i press submit! Sorry... Let me umm retype that, 'it finally clicked that this and Love productions were the same. Silly goose I am . The site looks incredible!!!'

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