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Archives galore!

Guess what I’ve been doing this morning? I now have all of my Archives in MT. I had about 9 months worth of posts in GM files that I couldn’t get out (corrupt entrylist), and E wrote a perl script to parse them and put them into the correct MT format!!! SOooo, while I was importing those, I got all of the entries from Blogger and put those in the right format, too... so everything back to April 2000 when I started blogging is in my archives now smile I’m muchly excited!

And even cooler? It took less than 5 minutes to rebuild EVERYTHING on kadyellebee. There’s 2912 posts and 3228 comments, with 4 types of archiving turned on, and multiple archive templates. Less than 5mins. That’s excellent! I think the MySQL version saves me some time smile

Can we have a big WOO-HOO for Movable Type?!!

Edited to add - The brilliant Eric helped me turn an idea into PHP and created a great calendar format page. Its all dynamically generated, and I don’t ever have to update it smile


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Wooohoooo MT!

Now if I could just figure out how to use it so I’m getting the most out of it. ;)

Oh, that is SWEEEEET! You ROCK!

i wonder how easily the script could be applied to someone else’s stash of old gm archives? ha!

Oooh snazzy calendar page. LOVE the new layout! smile

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