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4th of july

Happy 4th to you beautiful people!

Be careful with those fireworks!

I’m on my way over to my family’s house. Mom and dad are still in MI, Megan’s been working all day, and that has left Matthew (who has a huge love for fireworks, but there’s a rule he can’t do them unless someone’s home over 18) and Lisa (who is a hostile 16 year old who really wants to be out partying tonight). So we are going over there to eat and do fireworks, and Megan would love me to go with her to the store and get her some drinks (hmmm, she’ll only be 20 in Sept). Angst ridden teenagers and no parents, what fun.

All those things are making me feel a little stressed. SO much so that I didn’t end up cooking anything to bring. :sigh: Its okay, E’s so excited about fireworks, he’ll make up for both of us smile

BUT, in order to do all this, I better go get dressed :giggle:

Happy 4th!!!!


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Happy Fourth to you, hon! Love you!

I agree with the whole thing about not doing fireworks unless there is a responsible adult around! In my neighborhood, I see too many young kids playing with these things (which are actually illegal in Massachusetts, but they have them anyway). Last year I had to go out and chase away a bunch of pre-pubescent boys, who were lighting up stuff right next to my car (and on the landladies' property, to boot!)

But we stayed in and watched the Pops on TV...hope your holiday was a good one! smile

I watched a little kid shoot off a Roman candle in his face when I was in grade school. Not good...he left by ambulance and ended up partially blind. Sigh.

I hope you had a wonderful Fourth!

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