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I tried to take a nap, but couldn’t fall asleep because I was thinking about researching, so I got up and did that - I’ve been searching for more info on CFS online, and signing up for some more mailing lists and writing people with the hopes of contacting people who know more about doctors in this area. In some ways, it makes me discouraged because its a discouraging problem that too many people have to deal with. But in other ways, I’m glad that I still am well enough to research and try to stuff as much of the words into my foggy brain. I’m definitely collecting some great links - and like always, that makes me think I need to put them all together somewhere in a site to help others. I do believe that this is my coping mechanism!

Hmmm, but its almost time to find some food, so I’m gonna close all the health-related links down and do some fun things instead. smile


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i love that you are always thinking of ways to help others out. you are sooo sweet and special. smile

Kristine, I hadn’t seen your new home. It’s really cool smile You’ve done wonders!!

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