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At least its quiet in here. I turned on my music for the soul mix.

Moved this to the More entry because I really didn’t need it on the top of my page.

I am mentally composing a letter to my dad about not being stable enough to work anymore.

Lisa wanted to be super confrontational about a job she needed to do. I had talked to her about it multiple times and I didn’t want her doing it at a specific time that she wanted to do it.

Today, I’m just not feeling well. My brain is super fuzzy, and to have her be so confrontational to me; I just broke out in tears. I can’t explain why. I just feel like a big giant freak. I know I’m kinda unstable right now, and I know my head hurts, and to have her keeping GOING and GOING and going about it; I couldn’t take it. So now I’m sitting here at my desk, with puffy eyes, feeling like I could start crying again. And I’m all alone because she left to do the delivery anyhow. I don’t think I can handle this afternoon myself; I knew that I wasn’t up to answering phone calls. She kept saying "its been so quiet, nobodys calling." But they will, and I’ll have to deal with it. And the employees. And I just wanted to climb under my desk and hide.

I feel like a big giant head case. Can somebody come and just sit with me while I do my work? I don’t think being alone is the best thing for me right now.

Back to work through my tears.


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I’m sorry work is going so poorly. If I were near, I’d come to keep you company.

I hope your day is improving. I feel your "pain" as I’m having a real blue day myself. Hopefully the weekend will improve things!

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