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warm and naps

Its really getting warm! Its supposed to make it to 88 today; we are at 83 now! I look all cute, with my new halter top from Lane Bryant on and my hair up - I took some pics of myself, I’ll share later smile

And, exciting news! I got a nap in this morning. I was SO tired when I woke up, and so I laid back down around 10 and finally fell asleep for about a half an hour. Woo!!! That made me feel a bit fuzzy-headed, but not as tired at least.

I’m working on installing UPS Online Worldship on the computer on Annette’s desk; I couldn’t get it to work on the Server because it didn’t have a modem, and Win2000 has something screwed up on it so I couldn’t get it to import the database of customers with mine. So I’m trying one more thing before I go to drastic measures and reinstall Win2000 on mine!!

And those are my random thoughts. Not too exciting, but that’s okay smile


Yay—new piccies! smile

I would KILL for an 88 degree day. Goodness, I won’t see one of those again until like October! Well, except for when I’m in Boston next week!

I can’t wait to see the pics. And I’d kill for a nice cool-ish kind of day, but I won’t see it until Winter, and those blessed two days are wonderful...lol

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