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Ummm, hello, BlogSnob is having some huge difficulties - the code is screwing up everyones page with a huge image.
Let’s hope it gets fixed fast.... I’m taking the code down in a few minutes if its not!!!


I wonder why it is affecting some, and not others? Mine looks okay, as does yours, but I saw this over at Robyn’s and a bunch of other sites. Anyway, I’m with you on this...I’m going to take mine down, too, just to be sure...until they fix this!

I went to go surf my site at noon and got heart palpitations. I thought my site was hacked.

Thank goodness all I had to do was remove the code to get it to get back to normal.

I don’t know, Christine - I thought it might be alphabetical at first because Robyn’s was the first I saw, but then TheRedKitchen did it to, so I took it off of there.

So weird, but that makes me worry about my email address being in the blogsnob system now if people have gotten into it ... Not cool sad

Someone messed with one of the templates - the others are still working fine. It shoudl be fixed shortlysmile

I just got finished posting an entry on my site and I have blog snob’s code in my side bar. It’s not messing my page up, but I’ll watch. Thanks for the info,

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