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Sometimes, I do things that I feel like a dork afterwards. Why do I try so hard sometimes?

I am a dork, I should just accept that!!! Its not all bad!

BUt its bedtime, and maybe my dorkyness will be a bit less tomorrow!!!


I’m a dork too! Stand tall and be proud of your dorkina power! (It’s either that or huddle in a corner and cry - and I prefer to stand tall.)

Hiya, big dork over here. I agree with Christine, we should all stand tall and proud. Dorks of the world, unite!

I think we are all dorks somedays. I think my days take up 50% of the year.

I feel llike a "dork" every day. Does that make me what society views as a "dork", no!!! Be happy for who and what you are each and every day. You never know what day will be your last. Make yourself happy and you will affect others around you!

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