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participation positives: 062402

Its time for today’s [participation positives]

  • I got a lot done this morning; I’m learning more about php than I ever thought would sink into my head, and that makes me happy. Poor Jenn is just having to hear all about it way too much ;)
  • I have a big giant Coscto muffin to munch on while working
  • I am taking off next week, praise the Lord! (and who cares if everyone is bitter, get over it guys!)
  • E came home and spent part of the morning with me.
  • I shined my counters in half the kitchen and hope to do the other half this evening.
  • I love and I am loved.
  • Jess is doing better, and even more exciting, she had strength to quit her job, and that gives me hope that I might have that strength someday soon.
  • Robyn and Todd are on a trip away, and I hope they are having a nice time, even though I’ve been missing happy Robyn posts!!! Makes me excited for the prospect of a summer trip to the beach ;)
  • I not only got to talk to my sister yesterday, but I had a delightful chat with my zalary-love and those things both make me oh-so-happy!
  • My spirits felt up more today, and thats a delightful thought. Maybe the weekend really was good for me smile
  • I get to go home very soon smile smile smile


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