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skin tweaks

If you are using the default CSS skin, then you’ll see an addition to the sidebar... Instead of just one style, there are now 6 stylesheet options under alt:colors - you can make it lighter, brighter, darker, larger, or even all purple!!

I’m using alistapart’s tutorial and javascript for alternative style. It rocks smile I’m using this for showing off different colored stylesheets on my blogstyles tutorials too smile

So enjoy smile


Ohhh darker is so pretty. smile I love it. hehe. smile

That’s cool Kristine!!!!

heehee - the styleswitcher is so cool! smile and so are you!

i had this working on my site before, and then i tried to set it up with my mtstylesheets - but it wouldn’t be nice to me. but now you’ve inspired me to play more.

love you muchly!

Very cool! =)

Ouch. Stylesheets. Made my head hurt again. ;) You are TOO cool!

Pretty nifty! Is this why the text size on the site is larger now, too?

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