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bad bad girl

I’m so awful. I know that someone is calling me to ask for something, and I’m too strung out myself to deal with it. So I’m ignoring it. I feel bad, but I can’t deal with it right now.

Cryptic, I know. Blah.

Hey, but dinner was delicious! That was a good thing, to have dinner mostly done by the time I got home smile yay for yummy food smile


Hey, you’ve had a rough day and you need to take care of you. Others can wait. Don’t feel bad at all! Hope you get to kick back tonight and take a big breather from things...

haha, i have a very bad habit of doing that. i feel bad sometimes, but sometimes it’s all so overwhelming, you know? so it’ll be okay - like robyn said - they can wait smile

Hey I do that all the time. They can leave a message and I will get back to them when feel like it.

What Robyn said...take care of yourself first! That’s why there are answering machines, voice mail, and phone ringers that turn off!


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