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stress afternoon

For every minute I was at work up until 3:20pm today, I got more and more and more stressed. I felt like it piled up until I crashed.

Lisa didn’t show up from break (teenage angst that she needed to discuss with Dad, who happened to be at home, and when the corrections sat there and I realized I was gonna have to do them, I broke down. Tears started and I threw the invoices on my desk. My mom stopped what she was doing and actually told me I could go home if I needed to, and to just not do them. It took me 15 minutes to stop shaking, and I went back to my work. It got a bit better after that, thankfully.


I wish I had more self confidence that I could do this without breaking down again. I hate that I did that; I feel so weak. I am so weak. Physically and emotionally.

So today is almost over and I’ll get some rest. I have dinner almost done at home; Macaroni AuGratin that I started at lunch just needs to be baked. I can watch some buffy, play with a project or two, and answer some email. And breathe. Just breathe.


Awww... sorry it was such a rough day! Sending you some loooove. And a *big* thank you for writing me back earlier, responding to my pleas for help. I haven’t had time to sit and fully read it all thanks to work - but I will soon. I am thankful to have you as a friend... smile *love & smoochies!*

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