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impact of music

So yesterday, my sister (Lisa will be 17 in August) was playing Eminem in the car on the way to work. I had heard that mom said she was gonna make Lisa take the CD back because of its mature content. But apparently, Lisa still had it. I mentioned this to Lisa, and she was actually telling me that this CD was much less "bad" than the last 2 CDs, which she also owns. I explained to her what mom had said about Eminem and his crude language and not very women-friendly lyrics. Lisa proceeded to play a few of the songs for me... and they were really not nearly as bad as I was thinking. I heard the song he sings to his daughter Hallie and it was really cool, his voice is great - it actually reminded me of a cruder version of Just the Two of Us by Will Smith a few years back.

Lisa says he has such a good message on this album. I tend to like his stuff, even though I know some of it is pretty bad.

But ya know what? This morning, I heard a new song on the radio that had a similar sound to an album I loved in college - it was DCTalk, and so I dug out my Jesus Freak album, and remember the goosebumps I got the first time I heard the words and realized their message. I’m not a huge hard-core "only-Christian" music girl, obviously or I wouldn’t be amused by Eminem. But it really made me wish that Lisa had something positive that was inspiring her and making her so excited.

I feel like my post is gonna make me look a bit closeminded. I don’t think my words are coming out right. I had good thoughts in my brain when I opened this window, but I’m not sure I really said it the way I wanted to. I may just get flamed. Whatever.


i think that you got across exactly what you were trying to say. don’t worry about it. we know what you mean

I love Eminem. Always have. If you listen to him long enough, there’s the persona, and then there’s the person. And as a person, he doesn’t always agree with the persona (or even what he writes) if that makes sense. He raps what others are thinking. I can usually tell if I’ll like a female right away by whether or not they "get" him or HATE him. His lyrics go a lot deeper than the surface. He’s very anti-Bush/Republican (and often says why in his lyrics). If you ever wnat to dig though some of his lyrics, here they are by album. This one discusses his stance in-depth on the new album though:


hi i think music impacts people to do things they dont want to do. i have changed a lot since i started listing to rap songs. i swear more and i do things that i now regret doing cause now i stop and say that was wrong. i have a girl friend now and ive change so much. she is the best and i dont do a lot of stuff now that i used to do cause of her. and thats my comments

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