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death is my gift?

I think that every time I watch The Gift, I will always cry (on FX’s rerun tonight). Its just such an amazing episode. I love the whole Glory-arch of the show. Every actor does such amazing work on this episode (and all of the eps coming up to this).

On a crappy note, though... I don’t get to see After Life tonight like everybody else, though... Stupid basketball is on instead. Stupid UPN station. I *do* have a video file of it for my computer, though, so I think tomorrow, I’ll treat myself to watching it smile

Its so weird to watch The Gift and Welcome to the Hellmouth back to back, though. Such a difference.


I haven’t been watching the episodes on FX because I’m pretty Buffy-ed out right now. But Lauren just happened to convince Colin to let her turn the tv off of Cartoon Network long enough for her to start watching "The Gift". I held off on stopping what I was doing until Dawn tells Ben to "Change! Be Glory! Be Glory! Glory! Glory!" That’s when I stopped and watched the rest of the episode. I, too, cried. It’s just a powerful episode. Period.

What really got me was how it was Dawn demanding that Ben leave so she could face off with Glory that made me start watching tonight. After this season, I had forgotten how much I liked Dawn in Season 5. How powerful she was to the whole plot and cast.

And yes, I did sit and watch the majority of "Welcome to Hellmouth" afterwards, too. It *was* weird to see the two back-to-back. It’s so obvious all the changes that ALL the cast has gone through since the beginning.

What will we do without our Buffy after next season? As much as I’m tired of it now, I’ll be more than ready for all the newness this fall. I can’t imagine my Tuesday nights without Buffy. I do believe I will cry. Again. *Sigh*

I have a couple more nights until that ep on SPACE. I’ve been watching if faithfully smile I am going to buy season 1 and 2 on dvd I think. I’m not sure when I became a Buffy fan, but I watch it noe every night smile

Buffy-ed out? How is it possible to be Buffy-ed out? *lol* My Season Two DVD arrive this week and I’m psyched. I go to a Buffy party in July with about 50 other folks from online and it’s gonna be a blast. I have several episodes that I have seen no less than a dozen times (The Zeppo, Something Blue, Hush, and Fool for Love being the notable ones).

I love Buffy...and I am actually being to look forward to Joss Whedon’s new show "Firefly", which starts in the fall.

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