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Dude, its getting warm! Its 83 (which means its at least 5 degrees hotter in this room with all the electronics going!), and supposed to be even hotter tomorrow!

I came home and ate lunch and took a nap. I didn’t wake up until 4, and now I’m cooking barbeque (meatless) meatballs and rice. Yum, the sauce smells SO good. Last time, I did it a bit backwards. E doesn’t like the texture of onions, so I put them through the food processor and then sauted them. That wasn’t so helpful for the taste of the onions because there wasn’t much to saute by that point. So this time, I sauteed them and THEN food processored them. The flavor smells much better this time.

If I’m a bit scarse this week (I already feel like I have been), here’s the rest of my week plan... you’ll see why! Tomorrow - MHD (maybe the last for a little while) and then shopping for a dress w/Lisa after work. Thursday - Dr’s appt in the morning so I won’t go to work. Friday - at work but packing in the afternoon. Saturday - fly to CA!!


Meatless meatballs? Say it ain’t so! wink

You don’t know hot until you spend the summer in southeast Texas. Sheesh!

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