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ice cream parlors

So the Travel Channel has put together a list of the Best American Ice Cream Parlors... And lo and behold, #6 is in Port Townsend, WA - which is only like 5 hours away. I think I should make E drive me up there. ;) Actually, my dad will be on that sales run tomorrow, I should tell him smile Port Townsend is an adorable old town, with actual historial buildings all over the place. I really want to go back with my camera. Dad took me there once, before I was too busy to be gone for 2 or 3 days on a sales run. It was delightful. Actually, he was telling me that part of the movie Enough was filmed there, and I just looked it up at PacNWMovies and he was right smile

The cutest place I’ve gotten ice cream is downtown Sisters, OR. Its a little old-fashion looking town near Bend, OR, and its like 30-45 minutes away from the summer camp I worked at when I was 16. And we’d go there to use the phones (no phones at the camp then!) and get ice cream on our days off. It was such a cute little ice cream parlor.


I really know what you mean about Port Townsend, I absolutely adore that sleepy little town. If it is not the old fashioned ice cream parlors.. than it could be a number of other things that one could really fall in love with, about the old town.
I remember a few years back (ninety eight perhaps), the annual MS-150 "bike around the sound" went through there. Everyone really enjoyed the port life. Friendly people, antique shops, wonderful fish and chips, salt water taffy and last but not least just an all around feeling that say "this is the pacific northwest".
I could hardly wait to go back there.

We used to live in Bend and Redmond and even Prineville at one time. But we would go into Sisters and look through all the shops and I remember stopping at this little parlor place to get ice cream and it was the best tasting stuff ever! I can’t recall the name of the place but they had the best tasting sherbert I’ve ever found. Yum! smile

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