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still sick and wknd

So guess what. I stayed home again. I’m coughing up a storm here now that the cold has settled in my lungs. Normal progression - lots of sneezing and noseblowing... then coughing and hacking. Blech.

But I need to be somewhat better tomorrow. I don’t know if I’m gonna make it. I need to go clothes shopping for next weekend when I’m in CA. And I want Meg to go with me, so we have to go tomorrow if I want her help. I tried on some of my clothes yesterday and not only am I heavier, which makes most of them fit funny, my ribcage area expanded, and so there’s no way these things are probably ever gonna fit. sad Sigh. But I must have a nice outfit to wear to Craig (brother-in-law)’s graduation. I’m afraid Lane Bryant may be the place to try. But they do have nice clothes there. And then I’m thinking I’ll try Old Navy for some overall shorts - they had them before it was warm enough to wear them, but I don’t see them on their webpage now. I wonder how I’d look in a denim sundress. I have a victoria’s Secret gift certificate, and they are having a sale. And if there is time, I may check out the salons in the mall to see if they can fix my horrid hair. It just isn’t the right color, and because it went oranger instead of red/burgundier, it makes my skin look bad. I’m SUCH a winter. Ugh, I’m not gonna try dying my hair again. So I know my legs won’t make it with that much walking, but I need at least a dress and 2 outfits, and my hair needs to be fixed, so maybe if I have a list beforehand, I can go straight to the places and not spend so much time wavering. I know I’ll need to try on dresses and stuff, but the more prepped I am, the better the trip will go. Yes, I’m an ISTJ ;)

I think that the fact that its taken me an hour to write this means I should go back to bed and worry about this later. Yup, that’s a better plan smile


Having a list is much better. I have gained weight this past year and it is depressing to have to buy bigger clothes. Do you have a JC Penney’s....they usually have nice things. I no longer dye my own hair for the very reasons you have stated. I’d much rather pay a professional and have it done right! Good luck!

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