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wedding story: GL

So while waiting for Traiding Spaces to start, I saw the end of the Wedding Story, which featured Josh and Reva’s wedding - Josh and Reva are characters on Guiding Light. During the wedding, I *swear* I caught a glipse of Daniel Cosgrove, which doesn’t fit with my soap opera trivia.... Now I’m curious.

I’ll always think of Daniel as Scott on All My Children - the fantasy scenes between Scott and Ryan and and Kelsey and Gillian were absolutely hilarious! smile

Random soap opera moments by me ;)


Indeed it was Daniel Cosgrove you saw. He is now on GL, playing Bill Lewis.

I used to watch AMC, and remember him as Scott. But now when I do watch soaps, I mostly watch those on CBS, and GL is my favorite! smile

Hey Kristine..cool, I remember Daniel Cosgrove being Scott on AMC, too...still watch AMC all the time and the scenes between Jillian and Ryan and Scott and Kelsey are some of my faves also!! Though I like the new stuff they have on about Ryan and Kendall....mom told me that Ryan is going off the show this summer, though...bummer!

You know I "watch" Guiding Light, but haven’t actually watched (as in looked up at the TV) Guiding Light in so long, I didn’t even notice there was a new character!

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