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this or that: 060402

Its time for This or That: Technology version...

  • Laptop or desktop computer? Although it would be convenient every once in a while to have a laptop, a desktop fits my needs much better. Someday, I’ll have both smile
  • PC or Mac? PC; for now, that’s all I know!
  • DVD or VHS? I have quite a few VHS videos, but now that we have a DVD player, we’re only buying DVDs. Unless we get really good deals on videos, and then, ya know, you gotta go with the deals ;)
  • Cell phone or regular phone? I don’t have a cell because I always am either home or work with a phone. But E has one, and its so nice. So when I’m actually driving and doing fun things besides home and work, I plan to get one.
  • Satellite or cable TV? Cable - we’ve got extended basic cable so we can have all the normal channels and then the happy stuff like HGTV and FoodTV and FX and TNT and TBS - all the necessities. We don’t watch enough TV to make it worth it to have HBO or any of the premium channels.
  • X-Box or PlayStation? We’ve got a PS right now, and plan on getting a PS2. The games are so much more numerous for the PS, and so we have to stick with them!
  • Netflix or video store? Blockbuster is right by the PIE-place, and so we go there.
  • Wide-screen or regular TV? Regular - one upstairs and one downstairs. But we watch DVDs in letterbox format because it looks more like being in a theater smile
  • Film or digital camera? Digital, baybee!!!
  • Dial-up or high-speed internet connection? We’ve got cable internet at home, and its absolutely the bomb! At work, I dialup to AOL, and its slow and signs me off like 100 times a day. No joke. So I love my @home service smile

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