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mt hood helicopter crash

Climbers on Mt. Hood being rescued; Rescue Helicopter crashes.

This is happening about 45 minutes away from here, and they are still trying to rescue some climbers that fell in a crevasse... There are at least 3 people who didn’t make it from the climbing accident, but the people in the crash are all being airlifted to local hospitals.

I’ll update this as I know more.

Edited to say: Everybody in the helicopter crash actually was SO lucky. Only one of them was in serious condition and airlifted. The only fatalities were people who were climbing and fell into the crevasse. It all still looked way scary, though, and I sure don’t want to watch the crash again....


That was so sad to watch on the news! sad

I haven’t read muc of this, yet, but it’s sad to hear. sad Maybe it’s a reason I don’t ever want to mountain climb. And to think it’s happening in the US and not in some forgien country I’m used to hearing this stories take place.

And you’d think that we’d had enough tragedy in the past yearsad Really makes you think how lucky you are to have this moment in time...you never know what will happen tomorrowsad

Such a tragedy sad I saw the crash on tv and .. well sad

Every time I hear Mt. hood I think about you.

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