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spikes trials

Buffy News : Slayage .com : Interview with Jane E.
putting this in the extended entry in case there are those of you who are still waiting to see the finale

I still haven’t made a real review about what I thought of the ep, but here’s some thoughts on one of Jane’s comments!

Jane says: Yes in my mind, we did a big ole mislead on you all. Where we wanted you to think he gonna go get the chip. We knew, the whole time, from the very beginning he was gonna go get a soul. And when he says I want Buffy to have what she deserves, he means a lover with a soul. Very vague and if we are vague, we’re vague for a reason.
Eeek!!! I had no idea. I was sure he was going to get the chip out, and even after the end of the ep, I figured Spike hadn’t been clear enough in his request. I laugh my ASS off, assuming that. Then the next morning, it hit me that maybe it WAS what he wanted. Oh. my. god.


omg!! that is all i can say right now o-m-g

Did you hear that Britney Spears has signed on for 8 eps next seasonconfused

I just heard it on SPACE, but I’m not sure it’s true.

i posted a link on my blog about the britney thing, ick, it said 6 eps, i am hoping its not solid yet because those eps ahem will suck.

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