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3 hours and counting

I was having some long twisty dreams. They were sad and not so fun. So I woke up around midnight. Almost 3 hours later, I’m still up. What have I been doing?

I surfed for a while. I searched google for rheumatologist and cfs (and found more fibromyalgia connections than cfs connections. My aunt told my mom last night that the rheumatologist was who ended up diagnosing her with scleraderma so many years ago). I added a cfs book to my wish list.

I went through the GB site to make sure no new wonderful deals had been added and go the order ready for me to place in the morning when I have the energy to walk down the stairs and get my wallet. I tried again with Amazon to get my 10% off bday deal, but it still doesn’t seem to be taking. And then I found out that it is giving me some sort of discount when I take off the big ticket items but not anything before. Hmmm... So, I reworked my orders and think I’ll pick up my camera (and dock) and printer at Best Buy (both are in stock @ the airport store, only 5 miles from our house!) and get the compact flash card (great deal on a Viking 128 MB for 59.94!) and photoshop from Amazon. Yeah, I think that’ll work just fine smile And its actually cheaper this way, I think...

And then I fixed my formmail script which wasn’t working on blogplates (thanks Bonni! - she is the newest member of Blogplates, but we’ve known each other for quite some time by now, through cyber-crew, and pixelitas, and she’s a member of theredkitchen ) So then, I decided to update to the newest version of formmail, since I noticed mine was really old.

I downloaded my bank statement, so I could make sure that my check for trash had cleared... its trashday, happy trashday, my zalary-love smile They didn’t take it last week because I was a booger and forgot to send the check... I had one dated about a month earlier, but either 1)I didn’t really send it or 2) it got lost in the mail. Who knows. But it should be happier for today. Good stuff because E put a jar of pickle juice in the trash yesterday. Pukey! If my tummy hadn’t already felt funny, walking downstairs and smelling that was enough to do it!

I got some birthday wishes in my mailbox during these first birthday hours smile what fun! Oh and its like a bday present to see that my fav author has new stories up as of last night!

My plans for today? Because I felt so bad yesterday, I’ve gotten permission to sleep in this morning and come in at lunch instead of going home at lunch. Maybe that’ll make me more likely to be able to feel well enough to make it through my party. I’m kinda worried about that. Megan is out of classes at 1:50 and says she’ll be in her car from Walla Walla by 1:55 so she can be home for my birthday dinner. smile (I need to remember to grab my Works and Money CDs to install again when I’m at mom’s house)

I still have another hour and 20 minutes until when I was actually born back in 76 (I was a bicentennial girl, and my siblings still sometimes give me their bicentennial quarters because it reminds them of me!!). It was a time change during my mom’s labor but I was born at 4:26 AM. 4lbs 13oz, almost a preemie. My dad likes to tell people that his pointer finger is the same size as my legs were! My parents were 23! Which is one of the reasons why I feel so dang old - by this time in my parents life, they had 2 kids. I can’t imagine even having the energy to get pregnant, more less run after babies right now! :LOL: So its okay, I just still feel a bit old.

So now that this post is a 1/2 hour long, I guess i’ll try again to go back to sleep. Let’s see if I can get warm again curling up to the sleeping boy smile

Good night, lovelys!


Kristine, Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy, happy birthday!

P.S. It’s my trash day, too wink

happy birthday kristine! i hope you have a wonderful day! smile

Happy Birthday Kristine!!!! Have a great day!!!

Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Happy Happy Birthday Kristine! I wish you all the best today and everyday!!!

Have a lovely day!

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