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sickly mold

The more I think about it ('specially after a letter to Christine this morning where she helped me figure this out!), the more I’m starting to think that its not the paxil withdrawals that’s causing me to feel so sick, its the mold spores in the air. I was fine this morning when I got home, and now when I woke up, I feel awful. My tummy is all swirly again, and I feel feverish, and even the thought of cooking makes me feel ewwie. Poor E. Another day without me cooking? sad And I had such good plans this morning for making stuffed shells and cookies. Maybe tomorrow.


eeeew! i hope that all gets cleared up soon. thinking of you girl...

It is the mold. I was sick for three months because of mold in the padding under carpet where the washing machine had overflowed. You will have to get the carpet and pad replaced. It cannot be cleaned. Good luck.

Any luck with them replacing it for you? I hate to think of you sick because of that... it’s no fun being allergic to your own home!

There is lots of great information at Black Toxic Mold

They even have a second page devoted to medical research and other studies on toxic mold.

There is a lot of useful information on two page:
Toxic Mold and the Mold research reports pages.

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