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I slept almost all night, but so much of it was a really involved scary dream. I woke up with chest pains, presumably because I was so worried about the dreams.

I keep dreaming that I’m in my grandma’s house. I don’t know why. She died right after I graduated from high school, and they sold her house that fall.... and random times in the dream, she’s there. This dream ended up with a subplot where the house was burning down, and we were trying to get things out, and we kept going back in for just "one more thing." It was really scary.

I’ve been scared of fires ever since the Little House on the Praire episode where the blind school burns down. And then the summer I worked at camp, we had the camp shop burn down, and that was pretty impacting to watch flames as we took the kids elsewhere in the middle of the night.

So even though I slept all night, I don’t feel super rested. :sigh:


Poor Kristine. sad I hope you sleep better tonight. ~hugs~

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