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away from computer

Yes, I’ve been all quiet all day. I watched TS all morning from the couch w/o moving, and then ate lunch. E went and got all the computers that needed to be fixed from work, and we are working on them right now. I fixed Peachtree’s data corruption problem, thank goodness... I was totally amazed that the rebuild fixed it while I took an afternoon nap. So now we are prepping the work server computer for a reformat (ghosting it first to capture the data) and then we’ll put Win98 on it so it will be more stable.

We just finished watching Wing Commander :giggle: What a funny little movie! But that’s okay, a little bit of cute Freddie is always good. I’m gonna have to check, but I swear at one point of the movie when they were showing his room on the ship, he had a pic of SMG on the wall! :g:

And now, its almost time for most sleepiness. I’m just sneaking in on this computer between projects, but I’ll hopefully get in a few blogs before I fall asleep smile

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