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You’ll never guess what I’m looking forward to tonight wink

Its a special Buffy the Vampire Slayer night smile (that’s the link to the new official site, btw!)

Here’s what I’m watching...

Buffy: Monday’s episode from FX (The Pack)

Angel: from last night (That Vision Thing)

Buffy: Tuesday’s episode from FX (Angel)

Buffy: 2 hour Season Premeire (Bargaining)

Doesn’t that sound tremendous? I hope I can fit all of those in before bed smile I can’t wait!!!!!!!!



I can’t wait either girl!!!! I LOVE Buffy ;) It will be interesting to see how they bring her back from the dead!

Hey, can you post (or e-mail me) the link to that cleaning site again? It’s the one that taught you how to "shine" your kitchen sink. I’d appreciate it! Have fun tonight my fellow Buffy lover ;) hehe!

hey Jenn smile i’m not kristiney but the "shine your sink" site is http://flylady.net it’s cool! smile

Hey Zal! Awesome! Thanks so much ;)

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