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I feel that I'm very

I feel that I’m very nationally minded. I’m been listening and watching to the situation all day. I’m worried about what will happen next.

I’m not barely working here. We sent the employees home so they could watch and be with their families. Annette came in and is working partway. But we are in a state of shock. I don’t know how else to be.

My first knowlege of the situation was Rina’s blog. I thought it was a West Wing story she was reading.

The news pages that are actually working are excite and cnn and yahoo sometimes. Here’s info about bin Laden, because I knew almost nothing. The picture on the top of our local page is horrific, as I’m sure the tv pictures are, even though I haven’t seen any.

I’m just shocked.


I’m glad you put something up about it...your blog was the first thing I heard, and it sounded so shocked that I thought I should turn the TV and maybe see if they were talking about what you had said. Turned on and it was already on NBC. First picture I saw was NYC in a big cloud of smoke. Woah...but I’m glad you put something up, cause it got me moving and down to the radio station I work at quickly.

This is truly a terrible act and I hope justice will be reached. Meanwhile, my heart goes out to all the american people.

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