September 10, 2002
K's Choice

Another band that I found because of them being on Buffy (Episode: Doppelgangland). Virgin State of Mind was played, and then added on the Soundtrack to the show. Then I found that they had played with Lilith festivals, so I had to do some more searching for their songs!

Song for Catherine
Virgin State of Mind

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September 09, 2002
Dar Williams

I've heard Dar described as a Folk singer, and I never imagined myself liking Folk. But I do, somehow!

Official Site | Zalary's Lyric Site

Spring Street
Better Things
The End of the Summer

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Liz Phair

Someone actually suggested that I would giggle at Flower. Which I did. And then I found some other great unique stuff and couldn't help but keep downloading.

Polyester Bride
Uncle Alvarez
Girls Room
Big Tall Man

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Ani DiFranco

Another find due to the SilverIngrid boards. I found some of her fun songs and I couldn't stop listening - she does some great covers of other peoples songs too. Great stuff!

Official Site: Righteous Babe Records | Fan Community

32 Flavors

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Jonatha Brooke

I found Jonatha thanks to the forums of SilverIngrid (not active anymore). Someone suggested a song, and my love of her music grew from there.

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Red Dress
Nothing Sacred
Ten Cent Wings

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Michelle Branch

I first heard the beautiful notes of Michelle's voice on Buffy during season 6. She performed live, singing Goodbye to You, and it fit so perfectly. Her hair was shorter than it is in the album pictures, but she had that cute and beautiful flair to her. I love her singing, and hope that her success to follow "The Spirit Room" will be huge.

Official Site

Goodbye to You
All You Wanted
Something To Sleep To

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Vanessa Carlton

Beautiful and talented. Formerly striving to become a ballerina. Her piano playing inspires me. Her story reminds me of the solace I found in the piano in the basement of the dorm while I was in college.

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Ordinary Day
A Thousand Miles
Pretty Baby

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September 08, 2002
Tara MacLean

Found Tara after hearing the soundtrack from the movie Bounce, which prompted me to find that she's on the same label as Sarah McLachlan. Beautiful voice, with almost Christian themes in her lyrics.

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Let Her Feel the Rain

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September 01, 2002
Sarah McLachlan

Beautiful voice, wonderful high range, delightful singer. By far my favorite singer - I could put her albums on repeat in my CD player for days. Looking forward to her new release after quite a break following Mirrorball.

Official Site

Possession [mirrorball]
Sweet Surrender
Hold On

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