October 20, 2002
Jaci Velasquez

A true Christian witness with her words and songs. I don't speak spanish, so some of her albums aren't as interesting to me, but her voice is so beautiful that I do still love the tracks on her english albums which use some spanish lyrics.
Jaci Velasquez -- non official site

You're Not There
Crystal Clear
On my Knees

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Rebecca St. James

Rebecca St. James is a great Australian Christian singer. I remember moving out of my dorm room right around the time that God came out. They were having a contest and every time the song came on, you could win... so they played it a lot, and I loved the song! That was my introduction to her music, and I really have grown to love her even more.
Rebecca St. James -- Official Site

God of Wonders
Lord You're Beautiful

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Geoff Moore & the Distance

A friend introduced me to Geoff Moore after she went to his concert for the Friend Like U tour. I *loved* the songs, and went on to three concerts after this time. One was in Othello, WA - in the middle of nowhere! - and we drove 1 1/2 hours each way to see him. Another was in Crescent City, CA, in my best friends hometown, and we drove 10 hours each way for that. And then my junior year, he opened for Newsboys here in Portland, and my sister and my friends brother came up to go with us. All of them were great, and I would love to see him again. Of course, that was when it was Geoff Moore and the Distance. The Distance is no longer. I haven't heard as many GM songs that are him alone, but I'll always have a huge place in my heart for the earlier albums that made a big impact on me in my early stages of coming into my own Christianity.
Geoff Moore -- Official Site

Evolution (redefined)
New Americans
Best Days
The Vow

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Clay Crosse

My best friend in college had the first CD of Clay Crosse's called My Place is with You. And when I went to Jesus Northwest the summer before my sophomore year, I got to hear him play! Great softer Christian music - more of a Steve Green mode than SCC.
Clay Crosse - Official Site

My Place is With You
Midnight Cry
Time to Believe

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Brett Barry

When I went to Big Lake, a local SDA youth camp, Brett Barry came and sang. And then when I worked there the next summer, he came again. I loved his music, and it was great sing-at-the-top-of-my-lung-Sabbath-morning stuff :) I haven't hear much about him since then, but the two albums I have are two great ones.

Ride That Camel
This Old Man
My Heart Dances

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September 16, 2002
Steven Curtis Chapman

I've been listening to SCC since the early 90s, and love him. His wide range of fresh styles over the years always keep me happy. His messages are even another reason to tune in. Every time I read the words of one of his songs, they speak to me. I have several of his albums still on tape - for a total of owning 8 of his albumns! I need to get the newest, Declaration, still.
Official Site

Let Us Pray
I Will Be Here
King of the Jungle
Lord of the Dance

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September 10, 2002
Michelle Tumes

My Sister Lisa came back from camp with a CD signed by Michelle Tumes because she played up there that year. That was my introduction to her great Christian songs. My favorite Christian radio station (TheFish in Portland) plays her songs a lot, too. She writes her own songs, and writes for other artists too.

Official Site

I Wish For Peace
Deep Love

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September 09, 2002
Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp is a relatively new find, but with beautiful Christian lyrics.

Unofficial Site

The Way I Am
By and By
Breathe on Me

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Nichole Nordeman

Such inspiration and talent comes out of Nichole. When I turn on her songs, I feel so at peace with my life and my God. I fully anticipate being her fan for many years.

Official Site

Small Enough
Help Me Believe
This Mystery

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