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LMT Web Host Survey

Do you use a commercial web host to host your Movable Type installation? If so, are you happy with your host? Unhappy? Elise would like people to fill out a very short survey. Hey, anything that would help people find a good host, I’m all for it!

airport codes explained

Airport Codes: The ABCs A History and Explanation—neato overview of why airport codes are named the way they are. I’m happy to finally know why O'Hare is ORD, I’ve always wondered on that one!

Digital Web interview with Mena

Digital Web Magazine - Mena Trott—really great interview with Mena, including an interesting quote about TypePad: There is this impression from a lot of people who are bloggers and who are early adopters that using TypePad isn’t really blogging. But it’s a pretty powerful tool itself, and it’s not going away from the mainstream at all; we really want a tool for people to use. (emphasis mine!) Note to interviewer - it’s Movable Type, not Moveable Type. ;)


WeatherFox - Weatherfox is a highly customizable Firefox extension that brings weather forecasts to your browser. Use it to display the current conditions and the forecast up to 9 days ahead. Woo! Looking forward to playing with this one. smile

Rebranding the W3C

Rebranding the W3CThe idea that these characters in mark-up could create an object as well formed as a cube was powerful to me. And yet, when looking at the cube, the characters don’t quite reveal themselves unless you know to look for them. There’s a sense of playfulness and exploration with the shape. I enjoyed the process that went into this logo and post. smile links in daily entry

Jeffrey Veen: Publishing Links With Perl - A script to put delicious links in a daily Movable Type entry.

subscribe form enhancements

[the girlie matters] tips and tricks: notifications: single form for subscribe and unsubscribeOne new feature in Movable Type 3.0 which hasn’t received much attention is the unsubscribe function for notifications...

web checklist

A web standards checklistA quick web standards checklist that can be used as a handy tool for developers during the production phase of websites or as an aid for developers who are interested in moving towards web standards. Very nice overview of things to do when working on a web site.

b&J - cool nav

Wanna see some cool web navigation? Look no further than the funnest ice cream company - Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream—hover over the "Our Products" until it drips down and then shows the sub navigation! yes, I’m easily amused!

Do You IMDB?

Do you IMDB?It settles screaming matches, decides friendly bets, and solves nagging questions. It’s a globally recognized authority, yet it had humble beginnings. ... We need it, we love it and we applaud it. Heck, if it were a drug, we’d be hopelessly addicted to it. Nice notes about why I love the imdb so much - I literally have spent hours just clicking from one person to the next. smile

Salon talks about Six Apart Technology | Blogging grows upMena and Ben Trott thrilled the world of bloggers with their Movable Type software. Then their company, Six Apart, received venture financing and they decided it was time to get serious Salon talks about Six Apart. registration required, or you can watch a short ad and then see the article for free

mozilla inside of feeddemon

From the FeedDemon FAQ: Is it possible to use Mozilla instead of Internet Explorer inside FeedDemonYes, it is possible to use Mozilla inside FeedDemon, although this is an unsupported feature. For details, please see this entry in Nick Bradbury’s blog. Finally got around to trying this out, and it worked great! woo!

TP and data organization

Smallworldmedia | Weblog | Organising data with TypePad - I have done things like this with MT, so its fun to see a write-up about using TP to do it.

tivo lists on my blog

This is what I want. Some sort of a way to have my lists (Now Playing, Season Passes, To Do) in TiVo show up on my site. Mainly for my own fun access, but keeping track of what I watch would be phenominally cool. I’m not sure I’m geeky enough to install these scripts/hacks though. Maybe. ;)
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Old Navy Plus

Old Navy now has a Plus size line. And even cooler, it appears its in the mall right by our new house. smile

content rot

Fighting Content Rot - If you manage a Web site for more than a few months, you run into problems of content rot. You’ll be cruising through some old pages, and you’ll find stuff that’, for one reason for another. *nods wildly* Yes, I’ve noticed this quite a bit in my journal. I have been fairly consistant the last year or so, but everything before that is scattery. 4+ years of content is hard to manage! The aforementioned post has interesting ideas and thoughts on things that can easily look "off". One thing that I do is put an edit link on my individual archives (there are a variety of ways to do this, but I’m using the Adminlinks plugin right now) and then when I see something funny, its easy to fix right then, fast and direct.
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mt3.01d release

The Movable Type 3.01D bug fix release is out now. Easy update for 3.0D users. smile I’m all upgraded!

visited links and styling

Making Visited Links Radical—Check mark after visited links as a nice visual way to see that a link has been visited.

Internet Explorer Too Risky

Internet Explorer Too Risky—I have to admit, I was a bit too glad that this happened. With IE having such a huge portion of the browser share, the only thing that was going to change that was something like this.

google site search

Google Free Search form: this can be customized to only search your site, which makes it good for sites that don’t include a search for public use.