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I still do it too. It bugs me when people only put one space in. smile

I do it as well. It just looks too crowded when just one space is there!

I do it too, even though I know thot browsers will reduce it to one space. Mainly, I do it to stay in the habit - I do a lot of writing in non-web formats, and greatly prefer the extra space as a visual cue between sentences.

I wonder if it’s possible to write a Mozilla plugin to make the rendering engine honor double-spaces... Hmm...

- B

Not me! I went to one space as soon as it was ok to do. I’m all about not typing two spaces when one will do just fine.

I always double space. It’s too hard to read otherwise. However, the Chicago Guide of Style says that you should single space after a period. That just seems wrong to me. I refuse to change! ;)

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