in-law visit

This last weekend, Eric’s parents and aunt came for a quick visit. And when I say quick, I mean only about 24 hours.

His parents were in Seattle for a conference his dad was participating in (he’s part of the Adventist Health Study), and then they drove down here afterwards. His aunt flew up so they could all go to a family reunion/anniversary party on Sunday.

So it was a good excuse to get the house pretty and cook yummy things like Chocolate Chip cookies for snacking on, and breakfast on sunday morning. My breakfast would have turned out better if I had remembered that tater tot casserole could possibly take an hour to cook instead of a half-hour. But it was still good, and my french toast from real french bread served with blueberries and raspberries was a hit. (I’m hungry just thinking about it again!)

We took them to Old Spaghetti Factory, the original one in Portland. It’s right on the waterfront and always impressive, and even though his parents had been there before, his aunt had not, so it was a fun treat. We did that instead of a big family get-together because we were worried that 1) I wouldn’t be up for making dinner for 15 people and 2) we didn’t have enough seating for 15 people. Both were probably true, but I think his family was disappointed that they didn’t get to see my family.

So even though it was short, it was a nice visit. And my house is still pretty clean, enough that I took some pictures and will have to share a few once I get them uploaded smile

Edited to add: some of the photos are up in my Vox collection: Our House. I may add a few more, but these were the focal points.

movies post

I haven’t had time to write a real post over here lately, but I wrote this evening about movies on my Vox blog: Summer of Movies. smile

the sun

The sun really has a potential to knock me on my back. After being in the house for a lot of days in a row, and not going out except one evening (ie, after the sun was down more), it was pretty hard to walk outside yesterday right in the middle of the day. My eyes started watering immediately! Even with sunglasses!

By the time we came home, I had a headache and ended up taking a 2 hour nap and still being tired. Part of it is just me being worn down lately, but I do believe that being in the sun didn’t help. And part of it is the CFIDS that has caused sun to be more of a problem for quite a few years. E laughs and says I’m a vampire girl and that’s why I can’t be in the sun tounge out

So what am I going to do today? Oh, I’m gonna go be in the sun. sun It’s gonna be 80° today, and Leah’s birthday party is at a park. tounge out Luckily, it’s not till 4PM, so it won’t be quite as bad as the middle of the day. And there’s a covered area, I’ll try to plant myself there. I do still plan to slather myself with sunscreen!

The big news about Vox!

By now, you may have heard about Six Apart’s newest venture going live. What was originally called Project Comet is now broken ground as Vox earlier this week.

This is very exciting to me. Why you may ask? I can finally mention what I am working on! For the last many months, I’ve been working on Vox. Getting ready for visitors, you see! It’s been a lot of work by a lot of people, and I’m so proud to see visitors finally in here checking it out. smile

My Vox blog is at I’m sure that at some point, I’ll intergrate some of that here, or at least link to it from the header. I’m having a fun time using it because it combines so many things all in one place. AND it’s a place that I can share what I want with who I want, so it’s even going to be somewhere I can point my mom to without being bashful about stuff here on kadyellebee. VERY nice, for sure. smile

melancholy songs

music I’ve always had a thing for songs in minor keys[1]. Many songs that fit this description are kind, depressing? It’s like they vibrate something in my soul that I can’t stop feeling. And it’s not that they make me sad; I get excited to hear them.

A few good examples:

  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
  • Every day is exactly the same by Nine inch Nails
  • Haunting Me by Stabbing Westward
  • Faceless Man by Creed
  • Bring me to life by Evanescence
  • Fumbling towards ecstasy by Sarah McLachlan (which actually should be on the top of the list because I heart it so much)
  • Are you happy now? by Michelle Branch
  • Lucky by Biff Naked

And I thought of this when Every day... and Boulevard... played back to back when shuffling laughing This isn’t all of them, by any means, just a few that popped in my head once I started thinking of it.

What do you think? Is it just my melancholy/istj-ness that makes me enjoy this? Or is it a musical phenomenon that some people are just more drawn to minor keys?

[1] I’m not a music major, so maybe I don’t have these examples completely right. cori would know tounge out

heat and allergies

It’s not just the heat that gets me. It’s the pressure from changing 20° in the course of 2 days. It was supposed to be 90° today, but my dashboard says its 93° right now.

I do have the A/C on, so it’s not terrible inside. But I can feel it in my head. I’m definitely more miserable when these massive changes happen. And all I want to eat is cold things. I need some fruits and veges! I think I’m gonna make E stop and get Subway, that way we don’t have to cook or even think of trying to find something fresh in the fridge... there just isn’t much there!

Oh, and plus I sat in the yard at Leonard and Sarah’s yesterday, and we could literally see waves of pollen blowing off the tree and onto us. Eeek, no wonder my head is a little screwy!

Tomorrow looks to be only in the 80’s. I can do that a little better smile

day out and long walk

Yesterday, E had to get his car worked on. So he brought it in and walked home. According to the map, it’s 2.3 miles away, not terrible. So we were either stranded in the house or we could go out and walk around the area.

I needed a mother’s day gift for my mom, so we decided we could at least make it as far as the mall and then see how it was going. (I have very weak ankles, one of them has bones that aren’t in quite the right place, so walking is more difficult for me, and i have to take it slow!).

It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Blue sky but not too hot. Sunshine and a touch of a breeze. I put on sunscreen and we went off the mall to look for shoes for E. Can you believe that the entire time I’ve known him, he’s had one pair of tennis shoes? I mean, he doesn’t wear them every day or anything, but they are sufficiently worn out ;) So I’ve been on him to look at new ones.

While we were there, it was lunch time so we got something to eat from the food court. I really like Paradise Bakery, which has a delightful turkey cranberry sandwich and yummy pasta salad (and they give you a fresh cookie, and they are to die for!). E finds multiple places to choose from, and so he likes that a lot, not getting the same thing every time like I do. ;)

Happy Birthday to me!

It’s my birthday! smile Today is the big 3-0. I had a hard time getting dressed because I didn’t want to pick something that made me look old. LOL! I compensated by doing some glittery fun eyeshadows, without looking TOO teeny-booper-y. wink

Today, we are going off on an excursion . . . E and I both have the day off, and so we are going down to our favorite stores, where there are cool restaurants that we don’t get to go to very often, and hopefully we’ll get some fun loot along the way.

I’ll be moblogging along the way, I’m sure, because it sure is nice to have my phone with a nice cam along. I’m bringing my real camera in case any good photo opportunities present themselves.

I did take some great pictures of my big project from yesterday, cleaning my craft closet, but my browser crashed just as I sat down to finish posting this morning, so I’ll have to find the file names of the pictures again. doh!

Have a happy day, my friends... I’m sure planning on it!

birthday weekend

My birthday is next Tuesday, and so we are calling this my official birthday weekend. Today, my family is having a party for me.

I’ve been in the "omg, i’m almost 30" mode for the last few months or more. But this weekend, I’m just gonna be in the "celebration" mode. smile

So in part of that celebration, I’m taking a few days off next week, to just rest, play, relax, organize, and be ME. It’s quite exciting, I really needed this.

The weather is PERFECT today, and it’s going to stay very nice into next week, and that really makes me smile. And the chances of rain on my actual birthday have gone down a bit since when I first looked, so that will make my day out driving with Eric more fun too.

Should you enjoy looking, here’s my wishlish. It’s quite obvious what a silly geeky girly girl I am looking at some of the things I might want. laughing

I’m still freakin' out that I’m almost 30. But a bit of fun with family this weekend will decrease the weight of that for a bit. ;)

Oh, and I’m looking forwards to some moblogging of my extended weekend, and pics with my camera too, so you have a front row seat to the festivities. laughing

tada! new camera!

After a whole lot of research, I finally settled on a camera and purchased it this weekend!

I had it narrowed down between several brands and types after last weekend, and we went out scouting the stores to actually feel them and see what I thought (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7, Canon Powershot s2 is, and a few of the Kodak Easyshare models including the p850, among a few other options that were comparable in features and price).

After looking and reading a bunch of reviews, and comparing the options, it was an easy choice: I went with the Canon Powershot S2 IS.

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