Migraines and vitamins

Over the years, I’ve been trying a variety of things that help my migraines and fibro in general. It only came to my attention recently that all magnesiums are not created equally. I’d been taking just a general magnesium, and it helped my muscle spasms, IBS, and in theory my migraines. This was a magnesium oxide. My new neurologist mentioned specific types of magnesium, and I found this post (linked image on the right) that dug into the types more.

So now I’m trying a magnesium glycinate. It apparently has more“bioavailability”, so it is better absorbed by the body instead of just going right through! The downside to this is that it takes a lot more capsules to get the amount that helps. Instead of a 400g magnesium oxide softgels, I’m finding 100g capsules which are fairly large at 1” fat pills. That means a lot more swallowing, something that isn’t always easy and takes a lot of pauses and food in between.

How do I know a helpful dose? When I don’t have enough, I get a lot of muscle spasms – charley horses and my feet tightening painfully. Not having enough can also cause some gastro distress, but too much can also be a problem. I don’t directly see the dosage changing my migraines yet. But since I’m newly changing the type of magnesium, I still could see a benefit.

In general, I’m very wary of “woo” – pseudoscience or unsubstantiated claims. I try to stick to the vitamins my docs have suggested rather than any supplements or therapy random people on the internet purport. I’ve spend way too much money on supplements a family member thought could help, and I didn’t notice any difference. But some of the vitamins should a difference or have enough research behind them that I’m willing to take them.

And sometimes, it’s likely I do get these benefits from my food, but not at the quantities helpful for what it should be. With my migraines and fiber, my meals aren’t as diverse as they should be!

So I’m doing my best trying to figure out what works for me.


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  1. Sarah says:

    I take magnesium glycinate, I can’t tell if they help with my migraines, and I can’t avoid specific triggers, but the one I take is just one 500mg soft capsule, and I get it from Amazon. I’ve been taking it for months now.


    • kristine says:

      Oh wow, somehow I hadn’t seen that brand! Thank you, when I get through the ones I current have, I’ll try this – having one pill to take would make things much easier!

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