Health Notes ~:~
Week of July 21, 2001
071501: unaccomplished; 2hr nap; felt a bit better by afternoon.
9:45-4:00: 6.25hrs sleep, woke up every 1/2 hr for most of the night, every few minutes by early morning.
071601: tired, lack of desire to go to work; sad; went to bed early
7:30-5:00: 9.5hrs sleep - much more restful
071701: woke up more ambitious; felt a bit better
071801: a bit more enthusastic, worked hard; nervous about den appt.
8:30-4:45: 8.25hrs sleep, woke up with tooth pain
071901: shined sink. felt happy when woke up; tooth pain; good day, drove, shopped, headache and tummy ache by evening.
8:45-3:45: 7hrs sleep; work up frequently with headache. wide awake @3:45; naped on couch
072001: ss. recovering from headache.