Health Notes ~:~
Week of July 14
070901: Woke up with migraine. Tired, but giggly by the afternoon with E.
8:30-4:30: 8hrs sleep
071001: Lethargic. Work wasn't accomplished well. Unmotivated.
8:30-5:00: 8.5hrs sleep
071101: Jittery, attempted a bit more, creative by evening
8:30-4:45: 8.25hrs sleep
071201: Bit more modivated this am. Tired; worked hard all afternoon fixing comp. Exhausted by evening
8:45-4:45: 8hrs sleep
071301: Woke up tired. Drank extra caffeine. Overworked and stressed afternoon; mom made me upset before leaving. Didn't eat dinner
8:30-6:00: 9.5hrs sleep