Health Notes ~:~
Week of July 7
070101: Rested, relaxed, no stress, didn't leave the house.
9:15pm-4:45am: 7.5hrs sleep
070201: Monday morning energy - cleaned, sorted, got ready a bit early. Frustrated at server and stressed a bit about it. Having hard time focusing. Mid-day flustered. Afternoon was better and more upbeat, played with E.
9:15pm-4:45am: 7.5hrs sleep
070301: Hard time waking up; nervous about dentist, tummy fluttery, possible panic attack at denist, upset tummy all evening
8:30pm-5:30am: 9hrs sleep
070401: Day off, relaxing. Tummy still bit upset from yesterday. Napped, relaxed with family; stayed up late.
10:30-6:00am: 7.5 hrs sleep
070501: Late start at work. Side pains off and on all morning. Had stress all afternoon, but remained calm, excited to drive home.
8:15pm-4:45am: 8.5 hrs sleep
070601: Woke up with more major side pains. Worked super hard. Cramps started.
9:30pm-6:00am: 8.5 hrs sleep
070701: Relaxing - its the weekend! Bad cramps all afternoon.
8:30pm-5:00am: 8.5 hrs sleep
070801: Nosebleed in AM. Headache afternoon; worse evening.
9:00pm-5:00am: 8hrs sleep - interupted by headache all night off and on