Health Notes ~:~
Week of June 29

062601: Increased anxiety, sidepains during most of day, dr. appt.
8:45pm-4:40am: 8hr sleep
062701: Woke up with headache and sore throat
Flustered and very tired all day
8:30pm-4:15am: 7.75hr sleep; interupted, woke many times between 12 and 4
062801: Tired, listless, dentist appt.
8:45-4:00am: 7.25hr sleep; woke up with dream so real of mom and work. Slept better otherwise
062901: Tired, lack of desire to leave home. Stressed, didn't eat well @lunch - shakey @lunchtime. Fluttery stress all afternoon.
8:45pm-5:15am: 8.5hr sleep
063001: Rested, relaxed, no stress, didn't leave the house.
?: ~8-9hrs sleep; don't remember looking at the clock