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July 26, 2001 ~:~ 3:45pm
I can feel my teeth clenching and my legs bouncing to get rid of this angry stress (I'm gonna have burned so many calories!!!). Its been a bad day. Between the asses in the back and my mom LOOSING things off of my desk, and then the computer crashing after I suggesting backing up and having to do corrections and the phone answering myself.... ACK! I'm having to listen to my angermusic loud to drowned out the people in the warehouse behind me who turned their music up so loud that I thought it was in here..... Damn it all. I started out my day so great, I ate right, I've been doing things off and on to give me happy thoughts, but the odds were stacked against me today with the work things apparently. I'm so glad its almost time to go home. I think I'll make E cook for me, and I'll draw or play The Sims or do something to get my mind off of the whole work thing until tomorrow. I've made it through over half of the week now, only two more days!
- , Kristine

July 26, 2001 ~:~ 2:30pm
I have to admit, I never had heard of a zine until I think Carol talked about handmade zines that she had made. But now, I'm hearing about two(+) that sounds excellent. Jenn of (yes, the same Jenn who got me hooked on Tori's Spring Haze!) has Blue Perspective. And then, the glorious Mel of redkitchen is making one called scarlet. They both sound delightful. I am in awe of these beautiful girls. And I think I'll have to order them both :) And then there's Leesa, who's making Project:lovely, of which I'll be in next time. Its different than a zine, but its still a cool mail project :)

I like meeting new friends, and I'm doing a lot of that. :) Yea! Besides Mel and Jenn and Leesa, there's Rina and Carly Marie and Erica (who I already knew of) and Cori and and Beth (who I was already reading) Lindsay and Ashley and Marissa Dee and I'm getting know a bunch of graphics girls who I already knew from cyber-crew or pixelitas (like Trish and Jenn and Jaya and Julie and Maria and a whole bunch of other chicks!). And intermixed with it all are some good blogging buddies that I already know and love - Zal, Belle, Shannon, Eden, Alysha, and Xaymara and Jenni just joined. Its such a happy family! And I'm sure I'll meet even more wonderful people as the days go on!
- , Kristine

July 25, 2001 ~:~ 1:00pm
That's another healthy lunch for me!

Well, maybe not super healthy, but much more balanced than normal. I've been eating better lately. Every morning, I have a nice big bowl of cereal. Mainly healthier kinds like Raisen Bran and Crispex and Life - with 1% milk.

Lunch today was a peanut butter and raisen sandwich - I brought bread and the peanut butter so I could make it here. I had a yogurt, and Lisa brought me a bag full of melon. My drink wasn't so healthy: sprite, and I'm gonna have some cookies, but they are homemade ;) Its much more balanced than a microwave dinner and chips or a hamburger and fries. I feel better about myself when I eat this way.

Yea for me! :)

- , Kristine

July 25, 2001 ~:~ 12:00pm
Its very odd to think - a year ago today we were flying back from our trip to florida, and I was getting ready for the craziest few weeks of my life! :)

I've been crazy-busy this morning. Between my work and teeny breaks to read my email and silveringrid, I've been busy-girl. For some reason, I can't get phone calls to go through to Bend to reserve my dad a hotel room. It keeps saying that there are too many circuits in use. How odd! I've been working on a purchase order for hardware, too - its so nice how the people in the shop wait until we are completely out of something before they bring it to my attention. If they even tell me. Bother. It'll be at least a week before we get some of this stuff, too.

I have friends I want to blog about, but the computer just crashed, so I'm off to do 2 hours of restoring. :sigh: Hopefull I'll be back later to write more. I'm kinda angry because I have to work through my lunches and breaks to keep things running but asses who work here can come and go as they please and then they can make me fucking insane by saying things about me behind my back when they think I'm not listening.... Makes me paranoider than i am! Oh, and ya know how I talked about being an unethical employee? I see Chris out there making ropes for his boat out of our nylon. That's not cool, asswipe.
- , Kristine

Microwave popcorn. 13 cups of goodness per bag.
Stabbing Westwards' Haunting song. Its stuck in my head since E played it on our drive home
Tara Music. Gives me peace among the storm.
Painting. I could do this all day.
Animal Cookies. Quick, catch the one that escaped from the bag!

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