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July 19, 2001 ~:~ 3:00pm

I think Silveringrid is down :pout:

Yes, I know I should be working not reading anyhow :g:

P.S. I totally need to update my daily visits if I stay with this site for my journal much longer!

July 19, 2001 ~:~ 10:45am

I shined my sink this morning!! :) What a cool page - Zal sent me there, and I think I'm gonna try and do some of her reminders, even though I can't seem to make myself wear shoes in my house. I think if I can start with Sink-shining, I can expand to other areas.

I've been adding to my music collection lately. I just heard about limewire as an alternative to napster, but I've been using audiogalaxy. I think I'm gonna have to make a trip to the music store for a few things. Nelly Furtado, maybe Stabbing Westward or Fuel, maybe even Geoff Moore's latest. For now, i'll just do some trying out.

I tried really hard to help my brother get Tool tickets for their Portland concert in August, but they sold out within THREE minutes! Wow, so I didn't have a chance - the internet site was too jammed with people, and he was there in person and only 4 people got tickets at his location, and the phone lines were busy... so it was crazy!

My denist appointment wasn't nearly as scary as it was last time. I was so nervous last time that my legs were shaking (I didn't know if I'd be able to stand up afterwards) This time, it was more complex of an operation, but only my hands shook. yea for drugs help stablize me :) My face is sore today, though. The side of my nose is tingly, and I may have pinched a nerve in my back while being there because my arm was a bit tingly earlier - Lisa rubbed it at break, and it really helped. I couldn't even smile this morning because my face was so sore, but after two extra stregth red excedrins, I can move my face again. They tried to put a dental dam on me, but my teeth are short, I guess. So they held it with this little round thing - it was weird. They let me listen to What about Bob during the procedure, though - I love laughing at that movie!! :)

I love Subway for adding cucumbers to their selection of veggies. It makes sandwiches yummy. So does the parmesean. :)

- , Kristine

Microwave popcorn. 13 cups of goodness per bag.
Stabbing Westwards' Haunting song. Its stuck in my head since E played it on our drive home
Tara Music. Gives me peace among the storm.
Painting. I could do this all day.
Animal Cookies. Quick, catch the one that escaped from the bag!

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