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July 17, 2001 ~:~ 9:00am

I've been back and forth between what I'm doing and this post for almost 2 hours now LOL! Takes me a while to do anything not-work-related at the moment, I guess! :)

I'm feeling a bit better this morning. I got lots of sleep, and it was much more restful than the last few nights. (Probably due to the naps I was enjoying so much).

I'm wearing my heart necklace today. E got it for me as a wedding present - a heart with diamonds all of the way around. Today, its to remind me that no matter how bad things seem, I have someone who loves me all of the time. He's so amazing. :)

I sorted last night here on my desk. I sorted all of the jobs into piles so that I can get through them one step at a time. If I can conquer a few piles today, I will have some accomplishment that I couldn't have when they were all piled together in a mess.

My dad broke or sprained or did something to his arm this weekend - he was in the shower and slipped and fell out and landed on his right arm. They went to the emergency room, and couldn't find a break in it, but there was a questionable place in one of the bones... but they didn't put a cast on it, just gave him a sling and told him to not move it and keep ice on it. So he went on his sales run anyhow - his car is a standard transmission, and he writes with his right hand - how sore do you think he'll be this morning?! And this is the longest and most driving-heavy run of the month. Poor guy, I feel so bad!

Since I bought a scale the other day, I'm gonna start paying a bit more attention to how much I weight. This morning, I found a page which calculates your Body Mass Index to see what it told me. I got a 24. Here's what they say: "The American Institute for Cancer Research considers a BMI between 18.5 and 25 to be an ideal target for a healthy individual. If a BMI is 25 or above, the person is considered overweight and at greater risk to develop health disorders like cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. " So I guess I'm not as bad off as I was thinking. I'm on the high end of the scale, but not considered overweight yet. I also checked out MetLife's height/weight calculator, which said for my height (5'5"), medium frame size, and being a woman, I should be between 125-141. I'm 144, so I'm a bit high. Oh, and now I found which has tons of tools. Ideal Weight: Your ideal weight is between 114.2lbs and 144.2lbs (51.8kg and 65.4kg). BMI: same as above Anyhow, so overall my tests told me that I'm high end of the normal scale. I think if I loose 10 lbs, I'd be happier with my body and I'd probably be more healthy. I have definitely been feeling less hungry since I changed BCPs from ortho tri-cyclene to levlite. I'm hoping that it will continue to follow that pattern and just by eating a bit less, I'll loose a bit of weight. I've skipped a few dinners as a side effect of that... or like last night, I just ate a jello instead of something big. But i'm continuing to eat breakfast, that is important :) Let's see, what else did I read this morning? Oh yes....

Perfect Makeup - great tips on foundation picking. Since I have really rosy cheeks, this has always been an issue for me. I like to try and even out the coloring in my face... I use the Garden Botanika foundation stick (in porcelain) and when I'm really trying to make my face look nice, I use the loose powder or for a quick refresh, the pressed powder. I love GB. I just wish that they hadn't closed our local store and I wish their mail order service was more prompt.

We started looking at laptops for Megan this weekend: we found an hp n5430 which appeared to have a built in ethernet card for hooking up to the network (I can't tell if it really does by looking at it online), as well as some great basic features for a pretty good price. I wish I knew what would be best for her, but I'm not proficient in laptop purchase... anybody have a good suggestion for a good value/college student budget laptop?

I'm sending hugs to Caleb and Cheryl :) I'm glad you got your package!! :)

You most definitely need to see the beautiful orangeness that Trish has up at in a mood. She does orange better than anyone else I know.... but it does make me want to use orange in something when I see how nice it looks!!! :)

- , Kristine

Microwave popcorn. 13 cups of goodness per bag.
Stabbing Westwards' Haunting song. Its stuck in my head since E played it on our drive home
Tara Music. Gives me peace among the storm.
Painting. I could do this all day.
Animal Cookies. Quick, catch the one that escaped from the bag!

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